Loving your life…….

I’ve always thought of myself as an optimist, walking through life with a smile on my face rather than a frown. Okay kids maybe I wasn’t always like that, especially when I was trying to get you guys to school in the morning ha ha lol. However I can’t believe it took me so long to really realise what makes the world go round, & gives us the lives we want. It is so obvious to me now and is so simple that I now can’t understand how anyone else doesn’t get it. The more positive we are the more positive we attract to us, & the more negative we are the more negative we attract to us. So if we get up every morning & thank our lucky stars for all the good things in our life, give out good vibes wherever we are, smile at strangers, help other people, then we will attract much more good positive stuff to us than negative. I’m not saying it’s easy, you have to work at it, especially if that’s not your usual way, but if you can break the cycle, stop feeling sorry for yourself  & stop focusing on  all the bad things around you, then the world is your oyster. That’s why it’s difficult for optimists to understand pessimists, we think it’s easy to see the bright side & want to shake you out of it, we can’t understand why you focus on the negative so much. Look at all the news, the doom & gloom email, the warnings on facebook – I felt better when I found out that it’s human nature, actually our survival instinct that makes us want to know about the bad things that have happened, or what might happen so we can avoid it in the future – but what if we harnessed all that focus & energy on the good things that have happened & will happen. What an amazing world we would live in! I love my life, I wake up in the morning & always try to remember to list all the things that I love & say thank you. For my partner, my children, my family, my health, my pets, where I live & all the things that make me happy & glad to be alive each & every day. If you would just try to be more positive & see the good things in life & not focus on the bad things, amazing things will happen in your life & in the lives of other people around you. If you start small, say thank you for one more thing each day, you will not believe where that can take you. When you go out & smile at a stranger & see what happens, try not to expect the worst, you might be surprised. Maybe I’m naïve but I always expect good things to happen, no it doesn’t always work & I have taken some hard knocks along the way, but some amazing things have come my way & I do expect more…………………….


Not sure who was really writing this post……..


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