Desolation at last…….

Our first glance of Desolation Sound as we round Sarah Point is stunning, huge open water in front of us backed by soaring mountains. We have a breathless moment to take it all in, before we lower our sails to follow Hytta down Malaspina Inlet to Grace Bay. Tom wants to keep us safe from strong winds that are forecast, & Gifford peninsula envelops us with protective arms. There are jelly fish everywhere in the bay, swimming around us like mini parachutes & I hold on to the thought that although our motor maybe shredding them, apparently they can easily regenerate. As we see Tom & Karen off after a big pot of seafood chowder, the water is luminescent and the dinghy wake leaves huge streaks in the water.

Desolation at lastGrace Bay

We spend the next afternoon fishing, lazing & exploring in the dinghy. This time Ron manages to recover his equipment after catching a huge bunch of kelp but still no fish! Later we visit an abandoned orchard with Tom & Karen to hunt for fruit. There is bear scat everywhere so looks like someone beat us to it, we make lots of noise to keep the bears away, & Ron is able to climb one of the trees & gather some lovely sweet apples. On the shore Tom & Ron harvest some oysters, apparently Malaspina Inlet is famous for them, so at least we are able to return from our outing with some seafood. After appies & drinks on the Hytta, we return home to the Parsifal for a leftover supper of clam chowder & then a lively game of monopoly before an early night.

Fishing at Grace BayGrace Bay in the sun

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