Parsifal Recipes

Smuggler’s Cove – Seafood Fettucine Alfredo

Smuggler's Cove 3

Don’t be put off by the title, this really can be an easy meal on the boat or at home, the lemon really gives it a special taste, all you’ll need is:

A bag of shrimps & scallops or mixed seafood
1 lemon
1 or 2 tbsps of butter
1 cup of cream
A pkg of Alfredo sauce
Fettucine or other pasta
You can also add a liitle chopped green onion, sautéed peppers or zucchini
if you’d like some vegetable, or just serve it with a salad.
Parmesan cheese

Melt the 1 tbsp butter in a non-stick medium pan, sauté any veg you are using at this time, adding a little more butter if required. Whisk the sauce mix with 1 cup of cream before adding to the pan. Bring to a boil at medium low stirring constantly as the sauce thickens. Slowly add the juice of 1 lemon whisking constantly. Now is time to add the defrosted, drained seafood. The sauce should not be too runny as you want it to cling to the pasta. Meanwhile boil the pasta in another pot with lots of water & a little olive oil till done to your taste. Drain & serve the pasta with the sauce spooned on top & some parmesan cheese sprinkled over. Tom couldn’t get enough of this sauce! Bon appetit!

Roscoe Bay – Minestrone Soup

Boats - Roscoe Cove

A great soup or hearty meal with some crusty bread, all you’ll need is:

Olive oil
1 onion
2 potatoes
3 or 4 carrots
3 or 4 sticks of celery
Half a zucchini
Large can of no salt diced tomatoes
Large can of mixed beans
Cup of crushed strained tomatoes
1 or 2 cups of small pasta – rotini, bows or shells
Vegetable stock

I made this on a blustery, rainy day in Roscoe Bay & fed it to Ron to warm him up after he got back from a dinghy trip with Tom. Fry the chopped onion in oil in a large non-stick pan until soft, then add the chopped potatoes & vegetables, whatever you have on hand. Add a large can of diced tomatoes or use fresh chopped tomatoes if you have them, and a large can of mixed beans. Mix everything up & add the crushed strained tomatoes & the pasta you have chosen. Now you will need to add some vegetable stock to help cook the pasta. Bring this mixture to a boil & then reduce to a simmer until the pasta & all the vegetables are cooked. You may keep adding more stock until the soup is your preferred consistency plus pepper, Italian mixed herbs & a little red pepper flakes. A tasty meal in any safe harbor……

Squirrel Cove – Lamb Curry

Squirrel Cove

You’ll need:

Olive oil
1 chopped onion
Leftover cooked lamb or other meat
Can of lentils (optional)
A few chopped up potatoes
Other chopped vegetables – zucchini or whatever you have (optional)
Raisins or sultanas (optional)
Chicken or vegetable stock
Curry powder
1 fresh tomato (optional for thickening)
Basmati rice
Poppadums (optional)

Fry the chopped onion in a little olive oil in a large non-stick pan till softened. Add the chopped cooked meat (you could also use chopped uncooked meat if you make sure to cook it thoroughly) and a can of lentils (optional). Add the chopped potatoes & any other vegetables you have on hand (I used zucchini on the boat but I often just throw in a cup of frozen peas if I’m at home. I also added raisins because I had them). Next add stock to an inch or so below the level of the food, you don’t want your curry sauce to be too thin. Add a couple of tbsps. of curry powder to taste (I added 3 tbsps of hot curry powder plus some Biryani seasoning courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law, plus a touch of red pepper flakes, as we like it hot). Simmer the curry sauce until the potatoes are soft & the cooked meat is heated through. I like to make mine early & then keep it simmering slowly until it is just the right consistency. Add 1 chopped fresh tomato if your sauce is too thin as it will help to thicken it (a neat trick courtesy of my sister-in-law). Serve over Basmati rice with spicy poppadums on the side if you like (I just fry them in a little olive oil, drain them on paper towels & keep them warm while the rice cooks). This is a great hot meal for a cold day……

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