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Cheryl & Me YVR Nov 2013

Hugging my littlest one last week at YVR

Lately I seem to have been swallowed by the minutiae of life. Whether it was spoiling my daughter who just arrived back from a year in Australia, or escorting my 85 year old Mother to laser treatment sessions for her hip, obviously important events, or all the other daily distractions & chores of everyday life. The longer I was away, the more I thought about it, the harder it was to decide what to blog about next…….
Have you ever felt frozen by overthinking? I know when I think too much I suppress my creativity, instead of letting my ideas flow out naturally, I am frozen by my own critique. Instead of just enjoying the process of blogging, sharing my thoughts & passions in my very own space, I start to examine the quality & purpose of my blog. I worry that I am wasting my time, for me who has to make every minute of my day productive, a terrible thought! The next thought is that what I am doing is silly, that there is no worth in my projects or ideas…… I know that I am slipping into the world of negativity, unthinkable to me who loves to live in the bright positive light. How easy it is to let ourselves stray this way, allow ourselves to be frozen into inactivity by our own thoughts. Of course we don’t stop to think that these are our own insecurities oozing forth, balanced on our fear of failure, we project them onto others & start to believe that the world is against us. At this point we are totally irrational, we have completely lost sight of the fact that we control these thoughts that are crippling us. At certain times we can all slip into blaming the world & the people around us for our misery, when in most cases it is all in our head. Thank goodness in this case I am able to shake myself, dust off those dark, depressing thoughts & rise again to the light where I am surrounded by warm, bright positive thoughts & ideas. I know I must let my passion for life shine through, my ideas & thoughts flow forth, that some people will enjoy my blog, and even though others may think I am wasting my time, it is what I think that is most important. Thanks to Tanja of Nitty Gritty Greenhouse fame for sharing her fears about blogging & Melanie for telling me she is waiting for my next post, you definitely kicked my butt, and to all of you out there in the blogging world who can relate, I’m back…………….

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