Sewing block……..


So many ideas so little time lol. I think I have been having a bit of sewing block lately, trying to decide what to sew next. I know people can have writer’s block, so I hope I can call this sewing block. While looking through my clothes & fabrics this morning, I realized I have so many unfinished projects on the go. I’ve decided that I need to finish them all, before I’m allowed to start anything new! This can happen in so many parts of our lives, I’m sure you can identify. You start something, get distracted, put it away, promising to finish it later.

Here’s a bag I made ages ago out of a pin striped navy blue men’s vest. Love the bright abstract tie with the red shapes, but it still needs sewing on…..


Then there’s the simple blue denim tote made out of a wide legged jean. Found a soft striped old school tie for the handle, that looks great with it. Now I just need to sew it on lol…..


I use a small backpack when I go for walks with my adorable lab Prince. So I decided to make a similar backpack out of some old checked pants, with drawstrings made of ties. It’s nearly done except for sewing those ties around the top, & attaching them at the bottom. How long can that take, & why isn’t it done yet? You tell me…..


By the way this is a photo of Prince telling me it’s time for a walk lol. I think he’s right….


Last but not least is the sweater backpack I wanted to make. I paired an old sweater, I’d always loved, with a gorgeous herringbone vest, they looked great together. Then I dug out some fabric pieces from suits to make the pockets, & that’s where it stopped. I don’t remember what took me away that day, but that was a long time ago. Time to finish the work I began…..


I promise to post photos of the finished bags when they are  done. Hopefully that promise  will make me get the work done.

If anybody else out there gets distracted & doesn’t finish stuff, come on fess up & share…..

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