Bags, bags, bags……


I love making recycled wine bottle bags from the legs of old jeans & cords.

I didn’t want to waste the top of the pants, with all those handy pockets. So I came up with some great bags for your books, shopping or just to tote around your personal stuff…..


Got pretty excited about this idea, so I hired a lady to help me sew them up, after I put them together. Now I have lots of inventory ready to go…..



I’ve been using a couple of the totes as my purses, and I love having all the pockets to stow my stuff. Keys, lipstick, tissues, cards & wallet all have a separate spot to keep me organized.

Here’s my tan & blue jean bag, I added the woven men’s tie for the handle, so I can wear it over my shoulder or just carry it…



For my black & blue jean bag I used an old pair of my black jeans that didn’t fit any more. The jeans had a zipper & silver detail on the back pocket, so that ended up looking & working great for my bag. Love it…



My bags are for sale at a couple of local stores in Nanaimo here, and I hope to be taking part in some upcoming fare trade markets on Vancouver Island.

Love to recycle as I sew, Helen

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