Love yourself…..


Why are we so hard on ourselves? We don’t need anyone else to criticize us, we do it so well!

I look in the mirror with my glasses on & all I can see are my wrinkles & blemishes & I am horrified by how I am aging. How could anyone find me attractive? I look at myself naked & can only see how my stomach is flabby & I have cellulite around my stomach & thighs. How could anyone think I am beautiful? I miss doing my exercises or taking a walk with my dog one day & I berate myself for being lazy. I speak sharply to my Mother or partner & I hate myself for my lack of patience. I lose my glasses once again & am looking for them over & over, or I can’t remember something. I think I must be getting senile.

Did you see the show ‘How to look good naked’ where women always rated themselves as fatter than others & couldn’t see their own beauty. Or the video of an artist sketching someone from other people’s descriptions & then from their own, which was always harsher & never as attractive. We need to look through kinder eyes.

Why can’t we see ourselves the way our friends see us. Yes they can see our faults too, but the first thing they see are our strengths. We need to believe, not put ourselves down all the time. We should celebrate our strengths & love ourselves. Hug yourself sometimes, smile at yourself in the mirror, learn to see your blessings & not your blemishes. Our strengths shine out when we focus on them & our faults disappear. We tend to be happier & more beautiful. It’s not your actual appearance that attracts other people, it’s how you carry yourself & what you do, your soul shines out. If you feel good inside you will look happier & more beautiful on the outside.

You need to learn to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Surround yourself with friends who support you & build you up, not friends that criticize & put you down. If your view of the world around you is positive & happy, & you see the good in yourself the world will see the same. Love yourself first.

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  1. Agree;

    “Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.” ― Doris Mortman

    Tough words to live by.

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